Things Seem Different/ Painting a day 6

Things Seem Different , 10x12, mixed media on board

Things Seem Different, 10x12, mixed media on board

I seem different today. I feel different. I look back on the past year and I can't even recognize that person as me. There is familiarity.

This painting is different then it was yesterday, like two paintings merged into one. I guess that's what I love about it. 

Maybe it's more like things seem the same. I paint hummingbirds all day long, I felt a little self conscious choosing him tonight for my subject matter. But he's not the same as anything I've ever painted because I just did this right now. 

It's impossible for anything to ever be the same. Every moment is new. There is a middle ground between the same and different where theologies, ideologies and perspectives don't exist. This consolidation is where peace lives, merged together on one canvas. The differences are what make it beautiful.

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