It's a Sea Star!

What's your favorite ocean memory?

Mine is growing up in San Diego. I remember going to the beach and going into the water up to my knees. I would shove my hands down into the sand in-between every wave and gather so many sand dollars. I used to keep all of my shells in a cardboard, Quaker oatmeal cylinder. I've collected so many shells over the years. I noticed the last few times at the ocean, I would pick them up and carry them with me on my walk and then set them back down before I left. We like to own things, there is a rush to hold onto it all. There is a deeper calling to put it down and leave it where it was. Feel how free your hands would be?

Painting a day & Weekly GIVEAWAY (comment below or come play on FB something rad for your chance to have this little mixed media piece)

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