Wide Open

Is there really such a thing as a closed heart? In dealing with people that might be thought to live with this infliction, I'm starting to notice a very clear similarity. I tend to see right through their put off ways, deflections to life and overall protection of who they really are deep inside. I always find the good, the possibility and hold hope for them. I can put myself in someone else's shoes and consider where they're coming from, this will actually open my heart even more. I’ve given this belief to myself, a worry that at times my heart isn’t open enough and that it is bad and I get anxiety. The anxiety comes from not feeling adequate enough in having enough heart to go around. But as I see through everyone else’s personal internal struggle and only see light and love, I’m learning to do so towards myself. It’s hard to miss the cavernous, open space of the heart unless you’re trying really hard not to find it.