Day 6 Painting Giveaway

Heart has come up so much this week. Do you live from yours? How do you receive and exchange information? Isn't it more clear when we use our heart to filter everything first? I receive information through my body and in the past it would get stuck there. If I receive it through my brain first, forget about it! That is like the worst game of telephone ever. When I lead with my heart in communication in giving and receiving it is the truest and purest form. How bout you?

"Taking the extra step to filter my words through my heart before I speak has been the most incredible experience and process I've recently have been very aware of. Everything I've been saying prior to that awareness I know always came with pure intention and love to everyone I'm interacting with, but not so much towards myself. Communicating just through my mind creates a inner battle of thoughts of "trying" to fight and filter and control how my outside perspective of myself is perceived. When I filter it through my heart I feel the power of the depths of wisdom and love from my soul, BEInG the driving force that smooths my words with its pure knowing. I've never felt so grounded. I've never felt so clear. The actions I need to take next are obvious. I feel like before I was just trying to convince myself of who I am. Speaking from that place of knowing I am. No justifying, no fighting I just am."

Kailey Outram