Day 4 Painting Giveaway

Okay Day 4 of my painting a day giveaway! What is your first memory of playing outside and being in nature? I used to live in a house that had a canyon as my backyard. I was an only kid and would be out there exploring for hours on my own. Searching for snails and ladybugs, making mud cakes and having secret meetings under the trees.

This is Chris' winning response! He gave the painting to his 8 year old daughter for her birthday.

"We'll my first memory that qualifies is from when I was about 6 or 7 moths old. I was crawling on the back porch. I can still feel the cement under my hands, very porous. I saw a daddy long leg walking towards me so I picked it up by the leg and watched it squirm and twitch, then I put it in my mouth! Oh how I still remember how that thing felt in the back of my mouth and going down my throat. My mom ran over and scooped me up but the spider was gone by then. I know it's extremely rare, but I have a handful of memories from my first year. I don't know if I was cognizant at the time (isn't that the million dollar question) or if I've translated those feelings into fully formed memories as I've grown. I do know it freaks my mom out when I relay them back to her. They aren't stories she tells or necessarily remembers but apparently my descriptions of my surroundings and places are dead accurate."

Chris Taylor