Willing 8 x 8  oil on canvas        $100

Willing 8 x 8 oil on canvas        $100

This willingness to accept and allow the truest parts of ourselves is conducive to the mass awakening in consciousness and creativity. If we aren't available and willing to let source come through us to create amazing  art, life will stop. If we aren't willing to awaken to the fact that we live life through perception, the search and struggle to define who we are will continue.

I've always considered myself a willing person. I've always gone with the flow, been super flexible and just let things happen as they may. My laid back nature has allowed many circumstance and situations to occur in ease, except those times when I was willing but it was because I was willing to compromise myself. I felt if I was willing to do what others would ask, force, expect or hold over me, it was a service to them. Because I didn't care too much which way I moved, I'd allow it and with that, allow a life not mine. I lived for others and I lived for expectations. 

I was willing to stay in a stagnant relationship in hopes that we would get better. I was willing to stop painting and creating so that I could work my job (uggh) because it was the only way I knew how to make money. I was willing to be chronically sick so I could have a reason to live small. I was willing to dismiss and judge other beliefs and I was willing to deny myself connection to spirit and my true self. 

I was and am, also willing to change. 

Willingness has relentlessly been redefined in my life. I've taken it to the ledge and teetered in blissful anticipation. I've begun to understand myself and others underneath what they are saying or projecting. I'm accelerating my ability to keep judgement and instead allow acknowledgment and appreciation. I am willing to be in a different way. I am willing to be all of me, to ebb and flow with life in flexibility for my highest good. I am willing to create because I love it and even when I don't. 

I am willing to accept this phase of willingness for what it means today. I know it will change again.