japanese vase van gogh.jpg

Are we here to connect or are we here to be free? It's been hard to distinguish which value means more to me, until I realized the freedom in complete abandoned connection. When we allow connection to ourselves, that deep inner origin of who we are, we become connected to everything and everyone.

The freedom in this is such an awe inspiring state  There are no boundaries to be had, no walls to build, only limitless possibilities to fly and to love. We are free to decide every second of our life, about every relationship we engage in and every inspiration we choose to act upon.

To be inspired and have the freedom to create whenever and whatever we want is profound. Within the creative process, we live in a state of suspended belief. Anything is possible. We are completely connected to the source of all creation. To take this state of being away from the canvas and into my daily life has opened me to the universe. The ability to tap into myself so deeply, that it actually penetrates the physical realm of my body, is where I find love grows and breathes. This is where ART comes from. This is the origin of all beauty. This is where peace and serenity live. This is true FREEDOM