Blockages can feel intense, dull and sometimes unnoticeable. They can occur accumulatively and sneak up on you or all at once. Just like the bathroom drain, it starts slowly and then one day BAM nothing else is going down that sucker, unless its' down all over your feet. 

I'm really examining what I just wrote above. A blockage occurs but stuff is still coming out. Maybe when we're blocked creatively it's not that the ideas aren't coming or that we don't know what to do. Maybe it's that we just keep trying to jam the same thing down the same hole? The stuff is flowing but it just needs to be received differently. It needs a place to be and perhaps a different container.

Creative blocks come to me and I can get pretty hard on myself. I can feel like I'm not progressing fast enough or not doing what I should. I've learned that if I stay in this perspective, I will fulfill all of the above requirements and become artistically paralyzed. 

Blocks are just part of the process. Being blocked needs to be received differently. I'm starting to welcome these painting and writing stumps. They allow me to take a step back. I get to sit with what I have. I get to be in the moment with what I have already created or with what I have yet to create. A block is just a space. It's a tool that we can utilize to our benefit if we change the meaning and course of outcome. 

Shake it up. Step away from what you're in the middle of. Go far a walk. Turn the painting upside down and stare at it for an hour or a whole day. Put your work away and do something completely different. Paint your face and take pictures of yourself in the bathroom. 

The Block is just a perception. The creativity is still in there. The content exists. When we learn to trust ourselves and love the process, the stuff we can come up with is that much more amazing. It has so many different opportunities of existence.