This may be an overly used topic of choice. But it's the first time used here on my blog! So forgive me already!

I forgive myself. At least every other second of the day I have to go inside of myself and say, "Hey dude it's all good! You didn't do anything wrong." If it's beating myself up about not painting enough, working enough, being enough, meditating enough, enough, enough, that is enough! 

Why do we do that? It's exhausting. What if it's something I perceive to do to someone else? What if they tell me I did something wrong and that it affected them? I want them to forgive me but if they don't, I have the most amazing ability to do it for myself.

I always hold compassion and consideration for myself and others. Leading my life this way keeps me in the highest intention. If you always come from a place of love and have a very well developed skill of forgiveness, then even negative perceptions lose power.

This is such a great tool to keep in your paint box. It acknowledges any situation, releases any power or hold from the past and wipes your canvas clean, every time! Life just flows. It keeps your heart open and available to give and receive. Forgiveness is a conduit for opportunity, growth and expansion. It's a valuable gift to ourselves and the world. We really should use it more often!