To love is to consider.

We have the innate and unique ability to love and express love with our emotions, words and body. Using these love expressing tools is the way we know how to love. We love outwards. We give it away. We project our love onto other people in hopes they get something from it and also that we get something in return. I'm starting to believe that this is actually not love at all. This is another method of getting. This is another way our body manipulates our spirit to receive and to thrive.

It's hard to imagine expressing love being a bad thing. But, if love is expressed without consideration for oneself, then the other person, it is not true, from the core love. It is a false sense of love that holds an expectation of either a return in admiration or a sense of gratitude from giving. This kind of love is a breath without an exhalation.

If I truly love myself first, I am a whole, complete person. The love from within will be overflowing and without any effort will run and drip all over everyone. Because I considered myself, I now know how to consider you. This expression of love just happens. It's without compromise, promise, expectations or ideals. It just is.

A need to be loved is a calling from our inner selves. We are not lonely because we need a husband or a friend or confidant. We are lonely because we choose to look outward instead of in.

This work is hard. It is much easier to find another person in the same predicament and hold each other up by expressing love the way we've learned. The body is so determined to fight its way to the end, it will do anything to secure its place here on Earth. It will find love in all the wrong places to keep up the disillusionment of happiness and fulfillment. This way of love is not sustainable and it will keep you in a constant state of seeking. 

Look inward first. Know who you are before you try to know someone else. This is the greatest gift and the fullest love you can share with the world. Consider the other person before you tell them you love them. Make sure you speak from a place of truth and experience because you love yourself first.