I've been living my life with an open heart and saying yes to everything. I live in hope and joy for life. The lesson I learned today though, is that hope is also an emotion attached to a future outcome. You can't have hope without setting yourself up to feel another false emotion, disappointment. 

The Universe will give us all we need. I know that what happened today was absolutely perfect. In all honesty, I knew that this outcome was coming, the body is smart! But I still didn't listen and I kept hoping.

Disappointment occurs when you are hoping for something in the future and it doesn't work out the way you wanted. It's a future expectation about something that doesn't even exist. Disappointment isn't even real! 

Instead of setting hope up for failure by using it as an action, we have to start to look at it differently. Hope is a state of being. When you become hope, like love, all definitions fall away and its' energy becomes limitless. I am hope, so I no longer need to hope for any thing or outcome. Living as hope creates so much space for love and consideration for yourself and others.

Be a space of love when things don't work out as planned. Consider yourself first and what really is best for you and your life. Consider others in the scenario. Be a space of love for them as well, letting someone down is tricky. If I consider myself and then you, there is no room for feeling bad or sorry or even guilt. I know that you are considering yourself first and that makes me happy. 

Disappointment is a redirection back to ourselves.