When are you done?

When do we decide to be finished with something or someone or a situation? What is it that brings us to the point of leaving something behind and moving forward? It is definitely defined with a choice that we make. I also believe that preceding the choice is an inner guide that is signaling with lots of flags and sounds and neon signs. 

The choice comes from trusting this part of ourselves. Trusting that we already know the answer to stop. If an experience is no longer serving us, or we're no longer serving it, the body will say, "MOVE ALONG! " Most of the time we just don't listen. Look at all of the really obvious signals our body shout at us like anxiety, fear, helplessness, indifference. People in these states have a hard time acknowledging the mind body connection and will prolong the letting go process. But just so you know, these are definite signs that you are done.

When we aren't connected to ourselves enough, these things go over our head and we are blinded at the opportunity for a choice. I swear that every time I've decided to finally stop and move on, I look back and realize how it was time, clearly!

Trusting that our body and spirit have our back we can confidently choose our life path. When you're done with something, you just stop.