What do you choose?

We are so blessed to have a choice.

I'm just going to keep this light of course. I'm talking about our own personal choices in what we perceive to be true. The choice we make for our own lives and how in this society a choice is a powerful tool. 

I just had a triple whammy of a day yesterday. Three perceivably not so great things happened to me within an hour. I freaked out. My stress level went there and I panicked. In the past this would have absolutely floored me. I would not be up right now writing. I would stay in my bed letting my emotions take over and my body shut down. I would stick my head in the sand and allow my brain to analyze every scenario of how, what and why this was all happening. 

I'm actively choosing to NOT do this ever again. I know something I didn't know before. Becoming so centered and getting to know who I really am has given me a lot of power. I know that feeling bad is a choice. Feeling frustrated is a choice. Look it still happened, I allowed it for a minute, I felt it, I cried my eyes out but now what? Now I have to choose myself over these things that happened that are now in the past. My reality has changed a little and I will have to maneuver my life differently then I did yesterday but my insides are still the same. 

No matter what happens to me externally and even to my body, I have the choice to choose myself. I choose to stay hopeful. I choose to laugh at the horribly bad timing these blessings of life come into fruition. I choose to create.