"Law of Attraction"

   Christian   36x 48 oil on canvas

  Christian  36x 48 oil on canvas

The Law of Attraction is such an attractive concept. You put out the energy, thought or visualization of anything your heart desires and it comes back to you through a universal, energetic co-op.

Before being associated with this idea, The Law of Attraction was a scientific term regarding particles in space and how like substances would attract to one another and unlike substances would eventually repel. This theory then incorporated energetic fields, like magnets. It makes sense that if we believe that everything is just a form of pure energy, even us folks, that this would also apply to how we work and our thoughts.

The vision painting above is for Christian. Christians' wife ordered this for his birthday this past May. Christian and I met for a walk on the bay, we skipped stones on the flat water and he shared the most incredible adventures from his life. He is such an amazing protector of our planet and its' creatures. He loves his family and his wife. He loves to be outside, in the water, in nature. He has an amazing whit and sense of humor and has no fear. 

Life happens, health stuff, job stuff, head junk stuff and sometimes the person we are gets away from us.

I didn't really get a sense of a "future" vision from Christian. But his life is so full of amazing substance and he sent me incredible pictures of meaning and value to him. I struggled with this because it wasn't the "purpose" of this painting. It's not supposed to be a portrait but a tool to use for the Law of Attraction. To put the intentions for your life out into the Universe so it can come flooding back in.

What if we don't need to have some grand scheme for our future? What if we realize that like attracts like and if we like, or more so love ourselves, we will come full circle, back to ourselves!?

 This painting is who Christian has been and who he is now! It's a reminder to him of how amazing he already is! If he continues to allow this for himself, his future is full of Gold, Magenta and Pthalo Blue! The tide is constantly changing and he's in charge of maneuvering himself around.

I am allowing the vision of now to be just as important, even more so then some goal oriented, esoteric, symbolic sense of who you want to be. Laws are meant to be broken, just ask Christian!