watercolor hummer.jpg

My old printmaking Professor, whom I will forever cherish, used to critique my paintings with me on his off hours. I will never forget him saying to me that you should never paint out of emotion. I know he didn't mean paint without emotion but that you should have solid concrete content and direction. He just didn't believe you should paint your feelings and call it art. 

That has always stuck with me. I understand what he meant coming from the professional artist perspective. But as an emotive human that likes to create stuff, it never really sat well. 

The consideration of creativity is spurred out of emotion. It's a feeling in your self that propels you forward into grabbing the paintbrush and getting this idea out of your head. Emotion is just energy like everything else and when accessed and allowed you can use it to your advantage, especially in creative endeavors. We were created and we are full of emotion!

Wouldn't coming from the content come from an emotional state? Would you arbitrarily make something with no idea to begin with? Even if you began with the idea of  just starting to make something with no plan or thought. It would still have an emotion associated. I could see feeling emotionally available, or annoyed at myself for making this random thing to prove a point on a blog. 

For so many years I've worried that using my feelings in artwork was bogus. That it meant I wasn't a real artist. 

Allowing myself the space for emotions to roam free enhances my creative process. It allows me to let go of the outcomes, to stay loose with my brush strokes and trust my intuitive ability with color. Just being in my natural state of me, which is emotional and complex, lets me see other peoples' emotions and replicate it with paint. 

Everybody has an opinion on how things are supposed to be. Emotions are either too strong or not enough. You shouldn't bring them to work with you or you shouldn't let people see these parts of you. You shouldn't paint from them.

Thank you for self expression. I love how the concepts against and around emotion breed nothing but pure and boundless emotion.