Photograph by  Kevin Cease  

                        Photograph by Kevin Cease 

When we visualize something we want, we generally have a picture or association attached. It becomes the thing we strive for, a possession of something or someone. We define what it is, how we want it and what it will feel and look like. Why do we expect things? What is it we are always trying to look forward to?

I don't think the source of our being is guiding us in any direction except right here in stillness. Each breath comes intuitively, we aren't sitting around waiting for it. When it comes we aren't surprised or disappointed because it didn't feel as great as the last. There's nothing to hold in the breath, that shit just happens. 

The expectation is a misinterpretation between needing to move inward but instead looking outward. We think we need to facilitate the changes and evolutions that are just going to happen. 

 I don't believe expectation is part of the greater plan. How can it be when every second of time is new and different? Is it the momentum of life around us? Why do we feel so responsible for these outcomes?  

This way of living is nonsense. It creates so much stress and tension to always need control over everything. Management sucks. Being in charge of everyone else is a disaster. Why on Earth would you make a conscious choice to manage the outcomes in life when life just happens for you?

Dropping expectations from your life vision and purpose opens up the space and freedom to dream ANYTHING. When your dreams come from inside of your soul and are free from attachments, they become all intention and purpose. Dropping expectations of any possibility, the dream itself becomes the dream and already exists within the conception. There is nothing to strive for, gain or expect when you live within your truest expression of self. This is the ultimate lesson in trust.