Heather Smith


I happened upon this Amazing human 8 months ago.


I was in the middle of a complete life do over. Suffering with Chronic health issues most of my adult life, being overweight, depressed and stagnant. Being in a 14 year relationship and marriage that just stayed the same and was based on things that didn't exist. It was an ending point and I was still so immeshed and blind in the fog to see it as an end.

This was the bursting of the head of a life not lived in passion or alignment. This wasn't being this was existing with no mind body connection or spiritual realization of a whole. A Dear friend of mine saw through this and reached her hand out to me. I took her hand. I didn't take hand outs, ever! That would mean admitting I was not perfect. That would mean responsibility. It would mean seeing what was really not in front of me, NOT me. 

I remember on one of our first consultations I sat at her kitchen table across from her and she was explaining this crazy diet plan that she was gifting to me and the amazing things she wanted for me. She kept telling me.... (OH my God) I just did something so crazy! In present time. Before starting this Blog I titled it "Kyle Cease"  sorry Kyel I will just have to do another blog. Then I wrote the first sentence "I happened upon this Amazing human 8 months ago." Then as I'm writing this I realize it's not about Kyle it's about my beautiful health coach Marcie, whom I owe everything. Then I went up to the title to change it and I typed in MY NAME.

 Holy shit. I just met myself 8 months ago. I'm going through all of this "transformation" and self reflection and being so present and alive and happy I keep forgetting I'm just a baby! I have so much to learn! I have so much to grow expand and evolve into and out of. I am here again giving credit because these people in my life reflected to me that this amazing life was always there. But the credit needs to go to me. I'm on this journey. I decided to take Marcie's hand, to fall in love with Kyle Cease and go to his events. I'm the one sharing my story for others so that they too can release old patterns and get down to the good stuff, the great stuff the in's and outs of what they really are. I'm here now, allowing myself to express an overabundance of joy and gratitude to myself. 

Okay now I'm wondering if I should post this. It's not really related to my artwork or visioning. My brain is taking over a little bit because my heart was just SO WIDE OPEN 3 seconds ago. I'm going to post this. My art is me and it is part of my story. My story allows me to see beauty in others and be able to express it through color, texture and line. These vision paintings are me reaching my hand out to you. Your dreams are not only something to look forward to they're actually happening to you right now and I want to help you see that. 

The painting above is for Kyle Cease. I'm really proud of this painting. I love it. It was a struggle at first to even start because embodying someones' hopes and dreams and paint a picture of who they're meant to be, feels important. The mind can find heaviness in this. I wanted to get it right. So I sat with it for a while until I just forced myself to start. I think this is true for everything we do in life. If we just start and keep moving forward the struggle no longer exists. Look at the beauty we can create and give back to the world by choosing to take a hand and allowing ourselves to give one out every now and then.