Abandon it

Stripes  8 x 8 acrylic and charcoal

Stripes 8 x 8 acrylic and charcoal

Abandonment of everything you've ever known is the only way to move forward in life and accelerate towards the heavens. There is no other way to achieve your dreams then to let go of everything not serving you and standing in your way. To have an idea is great. To make the time to pursue your idea is great. To completely rip your current life from under your feet doesn't feel that great but how else can you really stand on your own, pick up your ass and make shit happen?

There is no longer any room for dilly-daddle, distractions from talking about stuff and procrastinating because there's no firm dead line. Your dreams are who you are, they're all you have to stand on and it is time to reach for the stars. Dreams take action to make into reality. When you learn this and your heart is just too full of passion to go around carrying it any longer, it has to be abandoned, released and exalted as the most important action of your life. 

So I quit my job :)