Signs and Symbols

I'm Here        12x30   oil on canvas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I'm Here    


oil on canvas                                                                                                                                 




Navigating this world in trust is challenging. It's exhilarating to not know what's behind every bend but at the same time it's hard to let go and not be scared of the unknown. As we become more self aware and in tune with our bodies, within the expansion of ourselves, the senses become heightened. This facilitates our momentum forward in choosing adventures and dreaming big for our lives.

Our senses of touch, sound, sight and taste support our need to be validated and continue in the presence of trusting the Universe to fulfill our paths. These senses start to acquire a language of their own. We call them signs and symbols. We tend to associate meaning and validation of a correct path chosen and even a direct communication from the Universe. "The stars spoke to me last night" is an example of using this ideology to validate how I was feeling  the other night when camping and I saw a shooting star. 

Butterflies, coins, a look from someone, a familiar song on the radio, are all signs and symbols we wrap meaning behind as if it's a big thumbs up from God. We already know, these are just  little miracles helping us along our way. How does the Universe speak to you directly? One of my big messengers are hummingbirds, obviously they're infiltrating my art but they are always around at the perfect moment when I'm in a state of disillusionment and not trusting that I know.