WWJCD?...make a vision board.

WWJCD?...make a vision board.

A whirlwind of women! I just spent two days immersed in a sea of amazing human beings. The California Women's Conference was empowering, intimidating, grounding and a force to be wreckened with. I'm exhausted from all of the power and love I just participated in. From Lisa Nichols' "Yes, Yes!" to Jack Canfield and his think it, be it mindset, I'm so ready to move in this world. I was inspired spiritually, emotionally and even financially! It's so great to look at yourself and see beyond something you've been staring at and trying to figure out for the past 30 years. It's so great to see an accurate reflection of who you are.

These people are the leaders and inspiration through love in this world.  I networked and met so many. But really, out of all of the amazing and inspirational speakers and connections I made in the past few hours, my real breakthrough came to me in the bathroom. As my best friend will attest, all conversations end here. 

In a huge convention center like Long Beach, there are a good amount of restrooms. I think they even allocate and change things up according to the venue; there were definitely urinals in the women's room. It was something I wasn't used to seeing, I actually had to stare at one for a few minutes to realize what it was. Duh!

So in air conditioned spaces I always get cold. (When you are cold, the fluids from your extremities retreat back into your body to secure the safety and warmth of your vital organs.) I always have to pee a lot at these things.

More than once I found myself in one of these bathrooms alone...there were 10,000 women there. There is ALWAYS a line at the women's room! 

I walked in, where it was much warmer, hooray, and rounded the corner of a vanity area leading to a hallway of foreign porcelain into the next corridor of bathroom stalls. A row of doors on either side of me. It was so quiet in there. I could use any bathroom stall I wanted.  It was completely my choice. What door should I open? I picked one, sat down to pee and noticed there wasn't a lock on my door.  At first I got a little panicky but then remembered I'm the only one in here! Why Am I panicking? Why would I have any fear at all? I'm alone and there are so many other stalls if this one isn't going to work out. I actually held my hand up on the door as I continued my business to then release it with a deep breath. A realization of what just happened.

We have so many doors in front of us. Doors with NO locks! Doors that require complete trust and offer complete safety and all you have to do is be there. It is all so accessible! Life is here to be chosen and used. These amazing people are here telling me that I'm one of them. They are professing a truth to being and a promise of collaboration.

Lots of doors, pick one and open it!