I am nothing, not a single thing. Doesn't this also mean I am everything? If I come from nothing, am nothing, have nothing, give nothing I just am. I am here. 

If I create from nothing wouldn't that also mean that the point of reference for creation would be nothing, me. 

I'm considering this as I paint. I have no logical explanation of where it comes from. Even if I'm representing something objective like a vase or flower, the style in which I create it is an inspiration that comes through me. The colors, lines and strokes are not planned out. They just happen. It comes from nothingness. Unless I give the nothingness a definition like God or source, I have no conceptual understanding of what it is. I guess I can equate nothingness to magic. Because this makes me feel good. It sounds special. And these gifts that we have, are very magical. 

Lisa Cairns just posted something on this so the idea did not come from nothing. It just got me thinking within a deeper perspective on what it all comes from. 

I am nothing, so I am, which includes everything. But it's not even possible to imagine everything because everything is infinite. So basically my paintings are channeled through my body by the vast unknown we can't define, see or really hardly write a blog about.

I'm pretty close to saying we are puppets of aliens from other worlds'. Let me leave it as creation of beauty comes from all of us. Within the nothingness that we are as individuals, comes the expansion of all possibilities, complete connection to all living things and energetic outcomes.

Being myself, is being you. By painting, I'm creating life and accessing everything that it comes from which is "not a single thing." Our gifts as artists are representing creation from the collective and what we can all envision together beyond the black nothing of what is. 

Every painting, brush stroke and colorful drip is of you.