Purple Chimes , 2008   10x10 oil on canvas

Purple Chimes, 2008   10x10 oil on canvas

Gosh Receiving is so good. This is my practice right now. I'm here practicing to be open and aware of all that's around me so that I can take it in. Really see it, really value it and become a vessel and facilitator to hold it, turn it around and give. 

Giving is easier without receiving. I guess that's what I mean by "my practice". I want to give it all away. I want to give away all of the negative emotions, I want to give away my creativity for free, I want to give away my time to help others before I do what's necessary for myself. I think this is viewed as selfless, as a beautiful thing. But this type of giving is not sustainable. 

I want to give for the rest of my days. I want my loving energy to continue on giving after I'm gone from this Earth. I want the gifts of my love, my wisdom, my art to continue giving until the end of time. 

If I keep giving it all away without receiving my own love, my own creativity and my own insights I will have nothing left. I will be a one time giver. A giver that doesn't follow through. A giver that won't have enough to give to everyone. A giver that has nothing left for herself and therefore nothing left for the world. 

So I'm receiving. I'm taking it in. I'm open to love and opportunities. I'm saying yes to helping hands, lunch dates with friends and inspired ideas. I'm accepting compliments. I'm letting things that scare me happen and I'm sitting with my dark days and receiving the call of that child self. I'm receiving touch and laughter and free art supplies too!

Receiving fills you up, this is abundance. I am overflowing in my practice and have so much to share and give to all of you.