What do I really want? 

I've been told the past few days to state what I want, like anything I desire! Wow! Anything?

I typically don't want for anything. I'm pretty low key and go with the flow. I've always been the type of person to just be "happy" with what I have. I always thought I was being grateful and if I wanted anything more it was frivolous and perhaps coming from a greedy foundation. I would keep my wanting more at bay and live life as it was handed to me.

Then someone gave me an option. Wait a minute! What if you could make X amount of money a month and do what you love doing? What if you could be an independent artist and become financially stable? There are plenty of other people doing it! I know your husband is an amazing human but you are not happy, what if you could be in a happy and fulfilling relationship? 

This someone was actually me becoming aware that desires are mine to be had and to follow, to only better myself and the world around me. How can I keep living my life in complete service of my purpose if I just settled in to what was handed me. Life is a choice. If I choose to sit idle and want for nothing then that's how it will be but if I choose to grab life by the horns and make it what I want, then anything is possible. 

Stating my truest desires are not frivolous. I'm a good person and what I want are amazing things that benefit me and the world. How dare I not take what I want! How dare I not stand up and shout my desires from the mountain top! 

Just stating what you want is action towards your deepest truth and desires.