High Intensity

Camrose Circle   oil on canvas, 2008

Camrose Circle  oil on canvas, 2008

Addressing the to-do list of my life, I'm once again finding myself stuck in prioritizing my time purgatory. It looks a little like this:

 Wake up really early naturally but its cold so I can't get up just yet and there are two cats snuggled up on my legs. Start Painting but check my email first then I need to eat something and walk the dog. Correspond to clients, oh wait I'm tagged on Facebook and my room is so messy I don't feel creative. I'm now feeling very motivated to paint but I should write this blog first and then make a to-do list. My Dad called to meet for tea so I'll paint when I get back. Time for Yoga, a nap, bills, paint again for 10 minutes and then talk to my sister on the phone for an hour. Paint? I should look on Craigslist for a "real" job. 

I have an amazing life! I am so blessed to be able to let my heart lead the way. I am choosing to do what I love and the support of my friends and family and the universe is raising me up. I'm actually reading this over again and realizing I do get things done in my own way. If I choose the everything is perfect way of looking at life, then my way of navigating the day is perfect.


I'm so hard on myself for not having a streamlined plan of action. I will end a day like this and feel guilty and bad about myself for not "accomplishing" anything all day. 

So I'm thinking there is a balance. I haven't found my sweet spot yet on how to work from home and have my own time to manage. 

And then last night my shaman friend Matteo said the most amazing thing, "If you can do things with a higher intensity in a shorter period of time, you can get a lot done." His example was  getting out of bed. If you feel like you want to stay in bed and not yet face the world, give yourself permission but with a time limit. Kind of like the snooze button but with a deeper intention. 

Stay in bed for another half hour but do it with intensity. Really feel the luxury and amazing comfort you've chosen for yourself and be the most lazy you can possibly be until your time is up. The heightened satisfaction of a planned distractive or deflective action in your day is brilliant.

Be completely present in the moment of your distraction. The high intensity slacking off is fulfilling when it's presented into your daily plan of action because you're scheduling it with an informed choice. This makes getting to work seamless and less daunting especially when you're fulfilling your desires and whims with an informed guideline. 

I believe doing this throughout your day is an amazing way to keep yourself in purpose and happy within the stress of deadlines and tasks. High intensity breaks weave and woe through my day and when I have a completed painting or amazing interaction with a person, that intensity makes it all the more spectacular. 

After I post this I'm going to take a very intense hot bath for 30 minutes! Go!