I can't afford this.

                                                         G's Tree , Lake Tahoe Retreat, 2014

                                                        G's Tree, Lake Tahoe Retreat, 2014

I can't tell you how many times I've said out loud "I can't afford it."

An opportunity will arise and the first place I go is my wallet and how it won't be able to make such an opportunity happen.  I have an internal struggle with myself about how poor I really am and that I'm not living a good life and that I'm irresponsible and I don't deserve said opportunity because I don't work hard enough.

Is it not more important to put that money and time into something more tangible like new tires for the winter or to put it into my savings account for when I'm 80? Shouldn't I use that money for poor kids or that weekend to clean out the garage? When did time become something we couldn't afford?

Man I'm stressed out already just trying to make a hypothetical point, I need a big expensive coffee from the coffee crack house. 

Telling yourself "you can't afford it" has a bigger message then the literal fact of not having the funds available. Saying you can't afford something is saying to yourself that you are not worthy, that you couldn't handle it, that this opportunity coming your way would harm you. This message is a huge self fulfilling prophecy. It is loaded with belief systems from our past and from fear of what we don't know. 

The truth is how can we afford NOT to do it, commit to it, invest in it, and accept the opportunities the universe knows are ours to have? What if these opportunities are in front of us because we can handle it, because we are up for some change that is benefiting our lives? We are ready to live in our passions and start validating this by saying YES I can afford this!

It is pretty interesting that more times than not we choose what we know (lack of funds, lack of time, comfort and safety) over what we don't know.

**why do I do that? It sounds horrible!**

When we approach opportunities in which we don't know the outcome to with an I can afford anything and everything mentality, we open ourselves up to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

I can look at my life right now and remember not ever imagining where I am today. The fantastical adventures, the people I've met, the amazing person I am were all unfolded events  of my life that I did not know would come to be. I have to keep reminding myself of this. 

This might mean yes next month or a savings jar under the bed. Our subconscious is listening to every word and thought we put out there. If you can afford to say yes and take action then you can afford the bountiful abundance of possibilities and adventures life has to offer. 

You can afford this because you are worth it!