Let It Go

Why exactly do we "Let it go?" What exactly is "it?" 

I've been telling myself, as well as other people, this sweet little surge of wisdom for a while now and the other day, I really thought about what I was saying. I picked it up from the transformational work and world I'm living in and decided it felt good to sling it around.

It's so easy to have power over ourselves because it's just a choice to do so. I guess this goes hand in hand with choosing to not limit yourself or your beliefs with old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Just let that shit go! Hell yes I will! That bad, old memory or eating disorder or what someone said to you ten years ago has no effect on who you are today Heather. Let it Go! It's so freeing to release these things and let them fall away. 


Where are they going, really? Why are these things still coming up? If we "let it go" like a stray dog, isn't it the same thing as "out of sight out of mind?" Isn't it kind of irresponsible? What if we're not super stoked on the way our foot is working, cut it off and leave it on a bench for someone else to deal with. Can you imagine coming up onto something like that? I would be pissed to find someone else's severed foot next to my lunch.

Our bodies are record keepers. Besides our brain filing away every experience, the cells and tissues in our bodies also hold memories and emotions. Muscle memory is a recollection from the body as well as sleeping and eating patterns. There are case studies of people recalling memories of other people who have passed and memories and feelings from past lives and even memories from the future. 

I believe there is a reason we hold on to things. I keep reliving traumatic thoughts because every time they come up I'm supposed to learn something. I'm supposed to take another look. It's not about getting rid of it, these events have imprinted in us and have made us who we are today. It's about choosing to see something differently. Instead of dropping it on the bench and running away, stare at it face on.

Perspective is power over our own lives.

It's not about reliving the past and giving these memories power over the present moment or who we are today. Look at it in the eye with a new perspective. Know that the person experiencing these things now, is a different person then the one who it originally happened to. It's just a file of information coming up for you to check out in a different light. Validate and honor these life experiences like we do our ancestors. Love them and know they aren't here now but will always be a part of us. 

Don't let it go, look at it and then put it away. It lives here within us. It needs to be loved and validated just as much as the present moment.

Whatever happened to "Let it be?"