Getting through it

We live our lives going through it. Everyday is changing and progressing forward. Even if we stay in a stagnant state of mind and being, the world around us keeps on keeping on. If we aren't willing to move along with it, we miss out on stuff. 

If we decide it's too hard and we try to get through it, we miss out on stuff. We miss the opportunities to grow and change. Like watching a beautiful leaf floating by in a rushing stream, unless you reach out to grab it for a closer look, it's more then suddenly gone. 

Being in the thick of emotion, stress and "life happens" kind of situations is such an amazing gift for us to grab on to. We have to look within ourselves when this part of life comes our way. We have to welcome the changes, allow them to occur and know that this is part of our amazing human experience. 

Getting through it will get us somewhere. Grabbing onto it will put us up close and personal with the present moment and in with the flow of life. When there is nowhere to get to we can realize that we're already there!