What is a Vision Painting?

Jessica Langdon small.jpg

I'm inspired to create stuff for other people, that means you. A few years ago I fell into a stagnant life. I believed I wasn't good enough as an artist (I didn't know that we all just are artists yet) and I did not have enough energy to pursue the art world as I had been taught. The idea of the rejection everyone kept professing, weighed on me and kept me from pursuing my passion. I only painted when it was for other people. Weddings, birthdays and just because I love you were all reasons that would light my painting fire.

 I want to navigate this world with love and authenticity and perhaps change what we believe being an artist is. What if instead of buying someone else's vision for your home, I  paint yours? What if I take your dreams, goals and future aspirations and use my expressionistic style to capture your spirit and essence in a fine art painting? Vision Paintings, like the vision board with magazine cutouts and inspirational sayings, is a beautiful masterpiece to live with in your everyday life. Not only an art piece to decorate your home but one full of purpose, your purpose!

Admire a vision of what you're meant to be everyday and see how this visual language starts to change your thoughts into believing this to be the reality of your life. Lets work together to create something beautiful and full of meaning. Let's be the artists WE ARE and create our own world. 

Passion Painting:

A very concentrated, specific vision painting focusing on one subject or inspiration. We work together visualizing what you want to focus on right now. This is a great way to start your day with a goal or way of being in mind. What an amazing gift for a loved one to help and support them on their dreams in life.

Jessica came to me with a very specific image in mind. She wanted a painting to reflect herself as a successful, professional photographer. She sent me a self portrait of herself with a completed questionnaire, giving me examples of meaningful words, symbols, colors and intentions. This was all I needed to portray her living her dreams in a painting that is emotionally captivating and aesthetically beautiful. She says she LOVES looking at it everyday because it represents who she truly is. 

 I paint your soul, Vision Painting:

You want it all, right? Well, just so you know, you already have it all and this vision painting will remind you everyday!  I will get to know you a little more intimately through a questionnaire and interview via Skype, lunch date, or email correspondence. We will discuss your dreams, goals and what is meaningful to you. This painting can be a collection of your inspirations, goals and desires all in one. With my intuitive, creative guidance I make it all work together to portray your soul and who you're meant to be into a GORGEOUS painting.